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Helping Families In Pennsylvania

At Law Office of Nicholas W. Radock, LLC, I assist families dealing with the challenges of change brought about by divorce. As your family law attorney, I will advocate for you as we work toward the best possible resolution of your legal matters.

An Understanding Approach To Family Law

Legal issues involving family members are often stressful, and people often want to resolve these matters as efficiently as possible. In my approach to family law, I believe that efficiency can be achieved through understanding. I resolve to work one-on-one with you through your case to promote a mutual understanding of what your goals are and what I can do to help.

Family law encompasses a wide range of legal topics, but some of the more common issues I can assist you with include:

  • Divorce proceedings
  • Division of assets, including more complex assets such as stocks, business ownership, etc.
  • Child custody agreements and parent plans
  • Visitation agreements, including fathers’ rights
  • Child support payments
  • Modifications to agreements for custody, visitation and child and spousal support

A lifelong resident of Pennsylvania, I am well versed in state and local laws, and I can help you understand how these laws can affect your case.

Divorce in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania allow no-fault divorces, in which neither spouse needs to prove fault or wrongdoing as grounds for the divorce. There are four different grounds for divorce:

  • Mutual consent: if both individuals consent to the divorce and are willing to sign an affidavit confirming their consent, the court can grant a divorce 90 days after the filing
  • Irretrievable breakdown: a couple may be granted a divorce if they claim their relationship unable to be reconciled and have been separated for no less than a year
  • Fault: an individual can file for divorce if their spouse has been imprisoned or has wronged them through infidelity, desertion, physical or emotional endangerment, or by entering a legally invalid marriage
  • Institutionalization: an individual can request a divorce if their spouse was placed in a mental institution for 18 months before the filing and might not be released for 18 months after the filing

Divorces involving mutual consent and irretrievable breakdown can be considered no-fault divorces.

Child Custody in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania child custody courts try to determine the best interests of the children when making custody decisions. The court will consider many factors, like living situation and the physical and mental health of the parents, when making these decisions. The children’s preferences may also be taken into consideration.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania specifically prohibits its courts from granting custody preference to one parent based on their gender.

Custody orders usually include visitation details unless there are concerns for the children’s safety. A visitation order may include partial physical custody, shared physical custody or supervised physical custody.

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If you are facing a family law matter that can seriously impact you or your loved ones, contact my office in Erie. I can be reached by phone at 814-871-6411 or by filling out my contact form online.